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Providing high quality auto repair services since 1991, we're auto mechanics located in Anaheim, CA, near Knott's Berry Farm. On the border of Anaheim, Buena Park, and Cerritos, but we have clients come from all over!

Your trusted auto repair mechanics

Oil Changes



Offering regular and synthetic oil, we never water down synthetic oil for a cheaper oil blend. 

General Maintenance



Whether you need a tire rotation or you want to touch up your brakes, we have you covered. 

Tune Up



Spark plugs, distributer cap, rotor, and wires, we offer a plethora of options for your car to feel its' best.

Check Engine Light



Is your Check Engine Light on? Bring it in for a free* diagnosis. 


*Free with engine light repair only, otherwise $35 diagnostic fee applies

Tires and Brakes



Rotating tires or putting new ones on, we also replace brakes and turn rotors. Be in and out in less than an hour for most brake services if we're not busy!  

Automotive Fluids



From transmission oil to brake fluid oil, we can drain and refill your fluids.

Over 30 years in business, we've established ourselves among our regulars and new customers as honest mechanics!


If we see a problem, we'll let you know if it's a priority fix or if it's something you can hold off on. 


We didn't get here by lying to our customers about things they don't need to fix! 

Honest Mechanics

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